3-4 point high approach, thrust

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The Kitani move  

Go Seigen has this to say about B3: B doesn't want to play a so that W would play at B3 to form the "avalanche shape", so B3 move applies the proverb "opponent's key point is also my key point."

Standard continuation  

Note that White does not necessarily play at a immediately ...

In fact, white will often not play there at all, but play some move on the left side, answered with black a.

Another possibility  

White may also play sagari instead. However, this is probably only good if white already has some stones along the top side. In a game where Kitani played this against Go Seigen, Go had the following to say about this variation: The sequence to here would be certain. Not only would Black have a peep at a (followed by a response at b ) and then an extension to c , W3 and W5 are also unsatisfactory.

White build good shape  

This is a variation I found in the Kogo's Joseki Dictionary. There it is supposed to be joseki. In my opinion white prevent with W5 the black peep at a (diagram above).



Comparison joseki (each player has one totally useless and one useful stone more - for a similarly even result)  

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