2nd Ing Cup

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The 2nd Ing Cup was boycotted by Chinese Weiqi Association, who objected to the inclusion of Jiang Zhujiu and Rui Naiwei. Consequently, Ing invited more Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese players to make up the numbers. A total of 24 players took part, 8 being seeded into the second round. The first round took place on 13 July 1992. The last game of the final was played on 20 May 1993, and was a victory for Seo Pong-su.

Jiang and Rui had not seen each other for many months, and took advantage of the occasion to get married.

Round 1

Yu Ch'ang-hyeok 1-0 Peng Jinghua
Awaji Shuzo 1-0 O Rissei
O Meien 1-0 Ishii Kunio
Seo Pong-su 1-0 Tei Meiko
Chin Kaei 1-0 Hashimoto Shoji
Yoda Norimoto 1-0 Wu Songsheng
Yang Chae-ho 1-0 Michael Redmond
Rui Naiwei 1-0 Komatsu Hideki

Round 2

Cho Chikun 1-0 Yu Ch'ang-hyeok
Awaji Shuzo 1-0 Cho Hun-hyeon
Takemiya Masaki 1-0 O Meien
Seo Pong-su 1-0 Fujisawa Shuko
Otake Hideo 1-0 Chin Kaei
Rin Kaiho 1-0 Yoda Norimoto
Yang Chae-ho 1-0 Jiang Zhujiu
Rui Naiwei 1-0 Yi Ch'ang-ho


Cho Chikun 1-0 Awaji Shuzo
Otake Hideo 1-0 Rin Kaiho
Rui Naiwei 1-0 Yang Chae-ho
Seo Pong-su 1-0 Takemiya Masaki


Otake Hideo 2-1 Rui Naiwei
Seo Pong-su 2-1 Cho Chikun


Seo Pong-su 3-2 Otake Hideo

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