28th Samsung Cup

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Schedule and Results of the 28th Samsung Cup held in November 2023:

Round of 32

16th November:

Kang Dongyun - Zhou Hongyu 1-0
Xie Erhao - Choi Jeong 1-0
Han Wonggyu - Yoda Norimoto 1-0
Park Junghwan - Andrii Kravets 1-0
Kim Nuri - Motoki Katsuya 1-0
Huang Yunsong - Kim Eunji 1-0
Kim Seungjin - Kyo Kagen 1-0
Kim Myounghoon - Iyama Yuta 1-0

17th November:

Gu Zihao - Byun Sangil 1-0
Shin Jinseo - Wang Xinghao 1-0
Xu Jiayang - Kim Junghyun 1-0
Lian Xiao - Kang Woohyuk 1-0
Tan Xiao - An Sungjoon 1-0
Ding Hao - Hong Seongji 1-0
Shin Minjun - Lee Changho 1-0
Xu Haohong - An Jungki 1-0

Round of 16

Head-to-head record going into this game in brackets

19th November:

Shin Jinseo (white) - Xu Haohong 1-0 (3-1 Shin Jinseo)
Xu Jiayang (white) - Kang Dongyun 1-0 (3-0 Kang Dongyun)
Gu Zihao (white) - Shin Minjun 1-0 (4-2 Gu Zihao)
Ding Hao (white) - Kim Seungjin 1-0 (0-0)

20th November:

Kim Myounghoon (white) - Huang Yunsong 1-0 (1-0 Huang Yunsong)
Lian Xiao (white) - Kim Nuri 1-0 (0-0)
Park Junghwan (black) - Tan Xiao 1-0 (13-4 Park Junghwan)
Xie Erhao (white) - Han Wonggyu 1-0 (0-0)


21st November:

Park Junghwan (black) - Lian Xiao 1-0 [1]
Xu Jiayang (white - Gu Zihao 1-0

22nd November:

Ding Hao (black) - Kim Myounghoon 1-0
Xie Erhao (white) - Shin Jinseo 1-0


23rd November:

Xie Erhao (black) - Xu Jiayang 1-0

24th November:

Ding Hao (black) - Park Junghwan 1-0


25th November (Best of 3):

Ding Hao (black) - Xie Erhao 1-0

27th November

Xie Erhao (black) - Ding Hao 1-1

28th November

Ding Hao (black) - Xie Erhao 2-1

Ding Hao wins the 28th Samsung Cup


[1] Lian Xiao lost the game on time having been on his last 60 seconds byo-yomi for a quite a while, perhaps for the last 10 to 40 moves. During the crucial move he was first placing the stone on another intersection, but then quickly moved his hand to another place where he ended up playing. After this he moved his hand to press the game clock, but as he was moving his hand to the clock, the clock spoke "ten" and "time exceeded" followed by Lian pressing the clock less than half a second too late. After this Lian stared at the game board in disbelief for about four and half minutes before gesturing something over the board as just to take part in the post-game review just slightly. In the meanwhile Park Junghwan was really understanding and didn't do any actual reviewing either, only some slight hand gestures over the board. After this hand gesture by Lian Xiao, he continued to stare the board for another 5 minutes while Park Junghwan gestured some areas on the board without really moving any stones. After about 10 minutes they removed the stones from the board without reviewing any moves at all. The different AI's had about 66-75% winning percentage estimate for Park Junghwan at the time when Lian's time expired on move 107.

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