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Warder05: Typographic Changes (2006-10-30 03:42) [#2322]

While I understand it's quite rude edit people's posts for meaning (since you aren't the person who wrote the entry in the first place). On the other hand, I believe it is of no harm to anyone when posts are edited for minor grammatical correctness and spelling. These changes in no way harm the authors of the original posts. I'm aware that there are many more knowledgable contributers to SL, but I figured that copy editing can always be appreciated. Especially when its likely that the contributors' excellent ideas are miscommunicated due to a lack of familiarity with English, not Go.

Phelan: Typographic Changes (2006-10-30 06:27) [#2323]

I don't mind when people correct minor typos in other's posts, although it's something I personally don't like to do. But I think grammatical and phrase structure changes are different. Grammar might be misused on purpose, and even if it isn't, when we "fix" someone else's grammar we usually tend to change it to our style, and to the meaning we read in it. Some of the changes you made to Losing Streaks changed my style of writing, and changed meanings in other's contributions. For example, "game meeting" might be a meeting where you play games, or it might actually lack a comma. Only the author knows.

Don't get me wrong, copy editing is more than appreciated, we've got lots of articles that could be improved. I just think that posts should be left as they are until/unless someone does a Wiki Master Edit, or moves them to the discussion forum for that page. Even if they could be improved.

Unkx80: Re: Typographic Changes (2006-10-30 06:54) [#2324]

As a rule of thumb, I generally do not make typographical changes when the content is in thread mode. However, I do make such changes when I see content in document mode. See document mode vs thread mode.

On top of the unintended meaning change Phelan pointed out, I find that it would be more productive to spend time turning content in thread move into document mode (if it is worth the effort), and to fix errors in document mode content.

Bill: Re: Typographic Changes (2006-10-30 16:56) [#2326]

It is very easy to distort the meaning of someone's writing, and to do so inadvertently. It is irritating to be misquoted. So I am very wary of editing what someone else has signed, except as part of a WME. (I recently changed the the to the, however. ;-))

Unsigned material, however, I consider up for grabs. I will even delete unsigned material that I think is wrong, and not just opinion I disagree with. (I do not think that opinion is appropriate for unsigned material. When I see unsigned opinion, I will often give it the Anonymous signature.)

I may be going against the trend, but one problem I see with unsigned document mode on SL is that it appears authoritative, and may not really be so, as it may be based upon the opinion of amateurs (albeit educated opinion).

reply We Pardon the Inconvenience (2006-10-30 16:12) [#2325]

OK. I realize I'm guilty of overzealousness. I'm gonna try to take a break from SL and then come back with a little more patience. I'd like to apologize to anyone who I might have offended by my edits.


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