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OscarBear: SL Textbook (2014-07-31 09:18) [#10208]

What do people think of the idea of using SL to create a kind of textbook for a course on Go? The sort that you could use alongside a basic course (not an advanced course) to introduce children or adults to the game. Whilst it is true that we have all sorts of paths and starting points today, I don't think we have something exactly like this yet.

X Re: SL Textbook (2014-07-31 19:01) [#10209]

I think that such a text could be constructed as an index page or path, probably with the addition of some new material.

OscarBear: Re: SL Textbook (2014-08-01 09:44) [#10212]

That would be exactly my thinking. Although a narrative would need to be created, it would essentially be linking to the high quality educational material already present in SL.

Dieter: Re: SL Textbook (2014-08-01 09:57) [#10213]

There are several such pages and initiatives already. The beginner study section, the guided tours and the reference section.

Of course, starting from scratch can bring a fresh spirit to such harvesting.

OscarBear: Re: SL Textbook (2014-08-01 19:32) [#10214]

These are close to the type of path I was thinking about. The difference is that they are not structured into blocks of Learning - Questioning - Answering

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