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Hi Dieter. Have you heard of this project? [#2378]

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reply Hi Dieter. Have you heard of this project? (2010-08-31 17:29) [#7959]


I have used Senseis Library many times. I have often seen your name, and I reckon you're one of the most active users on the site.

I have to admit that, for me, SL is useful, but that it does not improve my game at all.

In general, I don't find unstructured forms of information useful for getting real knowledge, just like on Wikipedia you can get a mix of good and a mix of bad.

In the end, a 9p like Nie Weiping is an excellent player, but a 7p can sometimes be a better teacher.

If you look at, it is a perfect way to learn programming languages. is a good resource for advanced mathematics.

That's because people who give good answers are rewarded points, and people who give bad answers are subtracted points. It's more about sharing knowledge than sharing information.

People look at your answers, and judge whether you answered the question.

So, if you want to ask something like, 'is this play an example of aji keshi,' you will not be ignored. Everyone using the page will see your question, how many replies it has received, and if other people have already given a good answer.

The idea of stackexchange is to create dialogue around complex topics (math, programming, languages) so that anyone (beginners or experts) can benefit and help others.

The URL I pasted above belongs to the game of go project page. Check out for an example of how the whole idea works.

Through the course of learning to program, has helped me many times. When I reach a dead end, I post a question there and have an answer very quickly.

I think that the game of go site, which still needs more interested players, would be the ideal way to separate information from knowledge. I personally cannot wait to start posting positions from my own games to ask questions about aji I may have missed or miai situations played too early.

PJTraill: Re: Hi Dieter. Have you heard of this project? (2019-08-30 03:40) [#11420]

I am sorry it did not get off the ground, as I very much like the SE approach (though [ext] I am currently no longer very active there), but I fear it never reached critical mass. I also agree with Dieter about wikis when it comes to structuring and maintaining information, but I am not sure if one could marry the two approaches.

reply ((no subject)) (2010-09-26 15:14) [#8011]


As you can see, I'm not active anymore on SL. I disagree with you: I find the wiki-engine the best possible engine of knowledge transfer and maintenance.

But ... why haven't you signed your question? Dieter

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