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Is this really AotW material? [#2208]

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HermanHiddema: Is this really AotW material? (2010-02-26 10:42) [#7327]

I wanted to write the Article of the Week summary for this article, but find it very hard. To me, it seems like this is just a rather short analysis about a specific position, which does not seem to have any clear overall message.

Is giving atari in between good? Maybe.

How do I apply this technique in other positions? Unclear.

Normally, I'd try to improve the material, but I find it hard to discern what the reader is supposed to take away from this.

reply no (2010-02-26 17:52) [#7338]

I started this page after having learnt the technique by Minue. It is definitely not mature enough to become AotW.


Unkx80: Suggestion (2010-02-26 18:03) [#7339]

I have been wanting to add a joseki-related example to that sealing in by striking at the waist? page, but I can't exactly recall the joseki sequence.

How about bumping it off the AotW list, putting it into requests, and insert top amateur players by country instead?

HermanHiddema: Re: Suggestion (2010-02-26 18:15) [#7340]

Ok, that sounds like a good suggestion!

tapir: ((no subject)) (2011-07-25 13:27) [#8641]

I would like to feature this soon. Will look for examples in professional games. The tesuji is featured in the Fujisawa tesuji dictionary as well. I would move the discussion about the intermediary atari to BQM, in fact the tesuji exists in cases where there is no intermediate atari.

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