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Phelan: empty sandboxes? (2010-02-04 21:31) [#7163]

Are the "empty sandboxes" really necessary? I think they just introduce another layer of difficulty. I'm tempted to just blank the sandbox again, as it is usually done. I wonder what people think about this, expecially willemien.

PeterHB: ((no subject)) (2010-02-05 00:27) [#7164]

Blanking in the usual way seems fine to me.

willemien: [willemien] why i made them (2010-02-05 11:43) [#7168]

I made the empty sandbox so that people can use a (kind of) empty page.

I kept the old "sandboxes " they can be used as examples. (Instead of having to go to another page wg#here something similar is.

xela: My vote for removal of empty sandboxes (2010-02-06 01:09) [#7170]

The idea of the sandbox is that people can do whatever they want to the page, and they don't need to worry about getting it "wrong". If we have a list of empty sandboxes and instructions, then a new user might worry about whether it's OK for them to edit the page, especially if they're a little nervous. (It's important for the regular editors here to remember that new people do sometimes feel uneasy about learning how to edit the library.)

I vote to keep things simple and delete the empty sandboxes. It's a nice concept, but I just think it's a little bit too complicated.

reply ((no subject)) (2010-02-06 01:20) [#7171]

Bob McGuigan: I think the "empty sandboxes" can be removed. It took me a while to understand how they are supposed to be used and I can see that real beginners might be put off by them.

By the way, I do think the greeting at the top, "Hello" in many languages, should be preserved. I've replaced it once or twice when people have deleted or defaced it.

willemien: all or nothing. (2010-02-07 13:24) [#7175]

willemien my idea with the empty sandboxes was that there are empty places available for "playing around"

Now the page is still filled with old 'sand castles' and you (I atleast) worry about deleting or editing half built castles.

Was thinking maybe a suggestion to make the sandbox page an introduction page and do make the playpages as subpages. And then on the introduction page state that the peges are sometimes cleaned up. (Would also allow people to edit 2 different sandboxesa at the same time.)

xela: Re: all or nothing. (2010-02-07 14:06) [#7176]

Plenty of people already use the sandbox, and they seem to get the idea. It's nice that there are old "sandcastles" around for people to play with. They can learn from looking at what's already there (more interesting than a blank space!)

I think there's no need to change a system that is already working. Just keep things simple.

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