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FredK: Installing Fuego (2009-08-12 05:30) [#6305]

Does anyone here know how to install and run FUEGO?

I downloaded the FUEGO 0.4 TAR.gz archive and extracted it to a directory, and found a fuego.exe file. When I run it, a command window opens with the message

SgRandom?::SetSeed?: 1250047317 Loading opening book from '/cygdrive/c/Go/Fuego/fuego-0.4/book.dat'... ok

but after that it appears to be waiting for me to do something, and I haven't a clue. Any ideas? I've also downloaded and extracted the zip file for GOGui.

Also, c/Go/Fuego/fuego-0.4/book.dat is a pathname on my hard drive. I also have cygwin installed, so I imagine cygdrive has something to do with that.




PeterHB: A GTP connection (2009-08-12 15:13) [#6307]

I think the fact that you have cygwin installed is a red herring. I don't have it installed, and I get the same result. I think the Fuego engine is just a move server that talks the GTP protocol to a GTP client, i.e. a Go board Gui of some description. I've tried SmartGo, but with no success. I see that the Fuego web-site recommends GoGui or Drago, so it may be easier to get it working with those. I think it perhaps doesn't answer the initial GTP handshaking question correctly, preventing SmartGo talking to it.

I have been successful with using Drago as the gui to play against Fuego, using the instructions at [ext] http://www.godrago.net/Engines.htm , so try that for yourself.

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