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derPlumps: ?! (2009-04-20 20:31) [#5929]

What is THIS?

Calvin: Re: ?! (2009-04-20 23:17) [#5930]

Hmmm. I haven't be following SL in a while, and I return and this is the top page in RecentChanges. It doesn't bode well.

The page introduces some rather peculiar ideas without substantiation. For example, stating that "the 4th line is territory not the third line" for any board larger that 19x19 is a bold assertion---one that would require solid references or at least a convincing argument, neither of which is presented. Statements like "tenuki the first 50 or 60 moves" are confusing and thrown out without interpretation or explanation.

Do we have a category for "speculative fiction" on SL? I've been better arguments for the existence of Bigfoot...

tapir: Re: ?! (2009-04-21 01:23) [#5932]

feel free to edit the mainpage. it is not wikipedia :)

derPlumps: Re: ?! (2009-04-22 09:03) [#5946]

Feel free to edit = feel free to delete? ;-)

I see no real content in this page, i just wonder how someone can write so many "facts" without any explanation or proof.

The second thing is that these pages were written only by PlatinumDragon himself, so without any discussion, i see no point in publishing in that way.

But i would like to have PlatinumDragon's Answer to all this here :) I hope he will find this discussion page, as he is rather new here.

Phelan: Re: ?! (2009-04-22 22:07) [#5950]

Please don't feel free to delete. At least not without a good reason.

Sensei's is also a place for starting discussions, not just presenting results for them as finished publishing. He has presented his theories, if you disagree with them, add to the discussion critically. Feel free to put a link to this discussion in his homepage, if you believe that will help.

Unkx80: Re: ?! (2009-04-21 06:00) [#5934]

Since recent changes is sorted by time of last editing, any page can be on its top page...

Anyway this page does not have a good title. It needs a page rename if its contents is to be preserved.

HermanHiddema: subpage of platinumdragon? (2009-04-21 10:15) [#5938]

As this page is, it seems to be a personal opinion/essay by PlatinumDragon. It might be appropriate to move it to a subpage of that homepage?

ThorAvaTahr: Re: subpage of platinumdragon? (2009-04-21 11:53) [#5942]

Since platinumdragons homepage at least gives some definitions used in this essay it seems more than logical to move it to a subpage. The contents of this page cannot be read without having read the homepage.

Unkx80: Re: subpage of platinumdragon? (2009-04-21 20:49) [#5945]

As per discussion, I have moved this page to become a subpage of PlatinumDragon.

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