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Why create a separate page? [#1631]

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reply Why create a separate page? (2008-11-19 15:39) [#5298]

Dieter: Why create a separate page? Why not improve on the existing material?

reply in answer (2008-11-19 15:42) [#5299]

Why improve the existing material, why not create a separate page? Sometimes people bring out an improved model of a car, sometimes they bring out a completely new model.

X Re: in answer (2008-11-19 20:22) [#5301]

Analogies will not help here. This is a cooperative website, intended to enlighten the amateur go community. Having pages "basics on kos", "basics of kos", "basics about kos" ... confuse the topic, even if they're all interesting. If you are not happy with the current approach of "basics on/of/about kos" you can improve on it. If you want to write a personal article which is not collaborative, make it a subpage of your homepage at SL.

I do value your contribution, I'm just trying to keep things organized and accessible.


Bill: ((no subject)) (2008-11-19 18:40) [#5300]

Again, we have a different take on a subject than what is on an existing page. I say fine, but please indicate that the new page is written from a different perspective. One way to do this is for the author to sign the page.

reply a history (2008-11-19 22:02) [#5303]

In the page Ko, there was an orphan link : For beginners: 'Basics of kos', so I thought - oh, I'll have a go at writing that page. In fact, with hindsight it seems that the orphan link was probably a mis-typing of 'Basics on kos'. Yes, I agree it is confusing. 'Basics on kos' doesn't even seem to be good English to me. (The title that is, not the page itself)

Dieter: Re: a history (2008-11-20 00:00) [#5306]

Dieter: understood. I might have a go at merging the pages, but do feel free to have a go at it yourself. Thanks again for the contribution.

Unkx80: Who is (2008-11-20 12:00) [#5308]

Best if you sign your posts or login into SL. It's a bit confusing to see belonging to Dieter and then becoming anonymous again.

Dieter: Re: Who is (2008-11-20 12:06) [#5309]

No, you are confused because 82. ... moved my comment from the main page to the forum. Dieter

Unkx80: Re: Who is (2008-11-20 15:00) [#5310]

Oh, I see. Thanks.

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