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reply Dieter Comment (2008-10-25 08:14) [#5177]

Dieter: Neither is the first. Suppose I'm 3 points behind and the game reaches its end. My opponent plays a ko worth 3 points. I have a threat worth 4 points and one worth 6 points. He has none. If I play the 4-threat he connects and wins by 2 points. If I play the 6-threat he either connects and it's jigo, or he answers, I take the ko, he passes and I connect: jigo again.

  • Aguydude: The ko discussed is actually worth a net value of 6 points since it gives 3 points if won to either player. The hint for this is after I played my 4-threat, my opponent ignored it and won by 2 points rather than connecting for a tie. Of course, my opponent probably should not have played the ko at all, since losing it costs points and he doesn't need the points he'd get by winning it.
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