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bugcat: imminent removal of the listed pages (2022-05-19 16:53) [#12076]

I've examined the pages listed for deletion or merging, and I think they all need to be either deleted or merged, apart from perhaps the lists of European and North American professionals.

So I'm going to do that today, unless anyone objects. This would be a removal / merging of about 25 articles.

CDavis7M: Re: imminent removal of the listed pages (2022-05-20 18:29) [#12081]

There are so many great hobbies. For other board games, there are some with solo/solitaire elements. Board Game Geek has a ton of them listed. There are even free to download and print games listed on BGG and people rank them.

I also like crafting. I do book binding, leather working, basket weaving.

Photography is fun. Working on cars and modifying them is also a fun hobby.

So many better things to spend time doing than deleting SL articles.

Dieter: ((no subject)) (2022-05-20 10:08) [#12077]

I would not touch subpages of homepages. I consider homepages and their subpages to be a private space and they don't clutter up the library.

Otherwise no objections.

bugcat: query regarding subpages of homepages (2022-05-20 16:20) [#12078]

Even if the subpages are not related to Go?

Beginning some deletions.

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2022-05-20 15:54) [#12079]

I've so far deleted

  • 3-4 point high approach, one-space low pincer, contact on top
  • Adelaide Go List FAQ
  • blitzo
  • BQM110
  • BQM502
  • Cha Minsoo

because they had no content. Actually, I'll revive Cha Minsoo as an alias of Ch'a Min-su.

  • Stanley Style Go / Stanley's Account for having no info that wasn't on the main page
bugcat: ((no subject)) (2022-05-20 16:29) [#12080]

We need to merge Douke Akira with Doke Akira.

Doke Akira is the older article, but everywhere else (except, presumably, GoGoD) uses Douke, including:

  • the Nihon Ki-in
  • Wikidata
  • Perfect Weiqi Database
  • Go Ratings (even though they have no data)

I think we should use Douke. I see, though, that this debate extends back at least to 2010.

Either way, one of them should be an alias.

CDavis7M: Re: ((no subject)) (2022-05-20 19:26) [#12082]

(EDITED - see end)

I checked GoGoD and indeed his name is "Doke" and not "Douke" but the hiragana given is ど(do)う(u)け(ke), same as the katakana ドウケ from the Kiin, though I wonder why they use katakana as most Japanese names are hiragana.

Anyway, I've noticed that sometimes the long/extended vowel in Japanese is just cut off to a single letter. Like "farewell" being さようなら (sayounara) but in the English language there's no extended "yoo" sound, just "sayonara". This also happens with Honinbo Shuwa しゅ(shu)う(u)わ(wa). We just write/say Shuwa not Shuuwa. I guess I should change my thoughts of him to しゅうわ and not しゅわ...

What's interesting is that GoGoD doesn't always cut off the extended vowel. Like Fukui Masaaki has 2 "A"s which aren't reduced to 1 A. But doing that would make his name Masaki like Takemiya but they actually have totally different names.

There are actually a bunch of "inconsistencies" in writing Japanese using latin characters where the direct "translation" of the hiragana characters into latin characters does not match the "translated" (transformed?) word. The most common being hiragana は ("ha" sound) being written as "wa" (old usage that carried forward in some cases, I believe), like when used as a particle and in "konnichiwa" (こんにちは).

Anyway, surely there is an actual translate/transform system that can being followed and I'm sure GoGoD has it correct. I would put GoGoD over wikidata, Perfect Weiqi Database, and Go Ratings, whatever those are. But I would even put GoGoD before the Nihon Kiin (where do they even have a list of latin-character names for the players anyway?). It's one of GoGoD's jobs to translation Japanese into English. The record taker at the Nihon Kiin probably isn't so particular or specialized.

-- Haha, I learned something. It's "transliteration" and presumably GoGoD is using the standard "Hepburn" style. [ext]

In which case, the hiragana for "douke" are written as "doke". But it actually depends on whether it's the same or a different "morpheme" ("A morpheme is the smallest meaningful lexical item in a language." I'm learning more things). In this case, since it's the same name its doke. The example on Wiki for actually writing "ou" is: 仔(こ) 牛(うし) ko + ushi koushi 'calf'. --It's two separate Kanji so it doesn't get reduced.

Edit 2: the name "Doke" is also 2 separate Kanji 道家. But it's the same "name". I guess the difference between Doke and koushi (calf) is that Doke is 1 name-word with 2 kanji and "koushi" is 2 words meaning "baby cow" in a more direct translations or "calf" in a more English translation. 子牛

... trying to learn more Japanese is one of my current hobbies.

reply ((no subject)) (2022-05-22 14:13) [#12083]

This was bugcat who forgot to sign in

I'm holding off on Doke Akira vs Douke Akira. I'd like a third person to give a tiebreaking opinion on which name to keep.

Unless someone can tell me what openbaduk was, I'm deleting it. I did make the removal request in September. "5A (Anytime, Anywhere, Any side, Anonymous, Any device) Baduk (aka Go) site" is a meaningless description without context.

If no-one knows how to find the Go Game Guru Instant Go Set, that article is going to be deleted. Again, the removal request was made in September.

Elroch / workinprogress has nothing in it but a link to Elroch / connections, so I'll remove it unless someone has strong feelings about the inviolability of subpages.

I've deleted Scanline Counting Method because the content was already merged into Estimating the Score.

CDavis7M: Re: ((no subject)) (2022-05-23 05:15) [#12085]

I'm my long ramble on Doke I probably deleted it. But there is a domestic championship Japanese skater (I already forget) with the same kanji and in their English Wikipedia article (their only mention in English?), their name is given as "Doke".

Whatever the choice, consistency is best. Are most all other players in the Hepburn style transliteration? My quick review of it seemed like that's how I see Japanese written in English characters. The other style (with "dzu") was jarring.

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