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tapir: Article wishes (2007-09-28 22:58) [#3930]

Is there any place over here... to list the articles you and I suppose to be necessary but not yet written? Thanks, tapir.

X Re: Article wishes (2007-09-28 23:02) [#3931]

Bob McGuigan: Right here on Metadiscussion is one place to start, I imagine.

tapir: Re: Article wishes (2007-09-28 23:10) [#3932]

Ok :) I think we need Sensei's Wishlist and some articles on those successful young players like Suzuki Ayumi 4p and Choi Kihoon 1p etc.

reply New article on Cerebras CS-1 potential for machine learning (2020-12-11 13:45) [#11612]

I would like to see an expert on machine learning start a new article on the new computer by Cerebras, called CS-1. This new computer is being used in other AI research, such as energy and drug research. In particular, does the Cerebras system have greater potential than Google's tensor processing units for machine learning? It would be interesting to see how long it would take for a Cerebras system to reach the same level as KataGo and LeelaZero. A single Cerebras system is touted as being 10,000 times stronger than a graphics processing unit. It can be clustered to be even stronger.

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