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reply Zain Danso (2007-09-24 20:59) [#3914]

Hey guys!

I am to write a work on Go-history in the Edo period and therefor i badly need a book named "Zain Danso" If anyone knows of the existence of an english issue i would be really grateful if he or she would write me an e-mail..

  • Thank you very much
X Re: Zain Danso (2007-09-25 00:00) [#3916]

Bob McGuigan: Zain Danso has not been translated into English. The Japanese version is a long out of print rare book in Japan.

PeterHB: Contact John Fairbairn perhaps? (2007-09-24 21:39) [#3915]

Look at the page:


John Fairbairn is into this historical kind of thing. It may be in his GoGod package, or he may be able to point you in the right direction.

reply Availability of Zain Danso (2007-09-25 14:11) [#3920]

Harry Fearnley John Fairbairn would definitely be an authority. I know that a few years ago he did not have a copy. I do have a copy,and John will be given first refusal when I come to sell it. (Harry Fearnley -- [ext]

reply John F. info (2007-09-25 17:18) [#3921]

John F. I'm surprised at what Harry says - I've had a copy of Zain Danso for very many years and have often quoted from it, though I thank him for his kind offer of first refusal. I also saw the book on sale last weekend in Japan (new and second hand).

The book is huge and is in bungo. Ordinary college Japanese will not suffice to read it, and you will also need a very large Japanese-Japanese dictionary to cope with the odd character usages. In addition, it always was biased and has now been overtaken in many, many areas as new research has been done. A fascinating work but not to be used alone.

There are some interesting recent books on go history in Japan (e.g. the new Golden Age of Go book by the Nihon Ki-in, for the 19th century), but the most useful and innovative work is published in magazines and journals. There is nothing like ZD by a current book writer, as far as I'm aware.

reply Sorry for confusion (2007-09-25 23:58) [#3922]

Harry Fearnley: John -- sorry for the confusion -- this dates back to a memory from 10 years ago -- perhaps related to another old Japanese book?.

reply ((no subject)) (2007-09-26 20:17) [#3923]

Thank you very much guys... Still I need to know about The golden age of Go...Does anyone have any idea on how to learn about it? It would be very very useful to have a first hand source (such like a professional diploma) to work with....if anybody knows pls answer~


tchan001: ((no subject)) (2009-07-23 03:58) [#6232]

What is the actual Japanese kanji for Zain Danso?

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