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ArnoHollosi: Split page? (2005-10-28 17:46) [#263]

Should this page be split up in several sub-pages? It is awfully long. The sub-pages could form a path ...

Dieter: Re: Split page? (2005-10-28 18:20) [#264]

Do you think the same of my "ideas on Go theory" article? Do you prefer pages to be split up into different pages, even if they belong to a personal project?

Bill: Re: Split page? (2006-03-10 18:46) [#1281]

The nature of web publication tends toward short pages that can stand alone when navigated to from various places. IMO, such web organization is underutilized here on SL because people are used to the linear organization of books and other traditional written material.

LukeNine45: ((no subject)) (2006-03-10 16:52) [#1278]

This page is freaking awesome. Many thanks to Minue. It's also extremely long-- I vote a sub-page be made for each chapter, at least, if it's ok with Minue.

Minue: ((no subject)) (2006-03-10 18:57) [#1279]

I vote a sub-page be made for each chapter, at least, if it's ok with Minue. -> Im ok. In my vikew, Time to split it. Someone split it. I will concentrate on "cross cut pos".

btw..seems that i made mistake to choose target readers of this tutorial. Writing introductory Go tutorial is much MUCH harder than i expected...but might be useful for kgs 10~5k least... to make it clearer what they already know implicitely...

Minue: Re: ((no subject)) (2006-03-10 18:40) [#1280]


ChrisHayashida: Re: ((no subject)) (2006-03-11 03:26) [#1283]

One of my projects was going to be to copyedit Minue's work once he was closer to done. I think it's great reading.

I'm still toying with the best way to organize it... I think a path is a good idea, but I think a main page with the introduction and a table of contents would probably be best.

At any rate, I'm not ready to do it yet, and I think Minue is still going to write up a lot more.

Dieter: split (2006-09-26 14:21) [#2224]

I'll do the split

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