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John F. The change of birth date from 1842 to 1832 is unwarranted. Invincible can be mentioned as a source but not taken as an authority over Hayashi Yutaka, who is more explicit and more likely to be right. He says "born in Tenpo 13 (1842) and became heir in Ansei 3 (1856) as 5-dan at the Oriental age of 15". The western years were added by Hayashi, so there is a lot iof internal consistency in his version. In any case, it would be odd to become an heir at the age of 25 without some story attached.

Mignon: I edited 1842 to 1832 for reason i thought 1842 is typo (seeing 1832 in "Invincible" i was pretty sure of it).Your answer make things clear but not at all - obvious question is: why in "Invincible" birth year is 1832? Also i thought its just a typo was that 1842 birth year make Yubi one of the youngest 5 dan in edo history(Shusaku was promoted to 5 dan when he was 17, thought soon he was promoted one rank more in not long time), which i believe is quite remarkable achivement, which should be heard of). About becoming heir at 15 or 25 i dont get your point in 100%. I always thought matter of who will become heir was always(beside politique, or personal cases) matter of actual strenght and potential. Jowa became heir at 32, Dochi at 12(or even earlier) - and both have story behind.I suppose all proceses of choosing heir was interesting - pity that we dont know them.Anyway it seems "Yubi" need change again - but i have doubts if it should have just one birth date(1842 - as Hayashi Yutaka says) - or both, if there are other sources supporting 1832.So i will leave it now as it is.I think adding 2 dates with commentary of sources would be good for SL. Also i think it would be best to move this to discussion page, though i dont know how to do it.

valerio: Mignon, a Japanese site based on Yutaka's text, says 1831 (Ansei 3) as birth's date. Also: the time from 1830 to 1843 is Tenpo Era, not Ansei. The Japanese site says, as John, "became heir in Ansei 3 (1856) as 5-dan at the age of 25": Who is right?

hnishy: Oshiro Gofu vol.10 has a 2 page bio on him. It says "Born in Tempo 3 [1832] and became a resident pupil of Hayashi house at the age of 15." - you can't be a pupil at the age of 5 (unless the master is your father). The bio further says: "The master Hakuei decided to choose an heir from his pupils, because he had no children" - he was waiting for his son to be born for years, in vain.

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