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c?: "It is very frustrating to be beaten by a girl." - how is this comment to be understood?

Stefan: No idea, but I do know it is equally frustrating to be beaten by a boy.

:Migeru: In the light of professional Go traditionally being the territory of male players. I find it odd that anyone would be surprised by that comment, just because it is frowned upon to be a male chauvinist does not mean that nobody is. Top chess players used not to take women seriously until Judit Polgar came about and beat their socks off. I am sure for many of them it must still be very frustrating to be "beaten by a girl".

Niklaus: Rui just (10/29/04) beat Lee again, throwing him out of the Kiseong tournament. So the score is 6:2 now. Lots of fighting again, Lee resigned after 109 moves. I, for one, am very happy to see female players succeed, especially if they play such attractive games.

Velobici: What's hard to understand about it? There are many examples (perhaps enough to "make it the rules") that excellence in one field of endeavor does not result in attitudes and behaviors that are examplary or even acceptable in the other areas, especially when cross-cultural perceptions are concerned. Indeed depending upon the two cultures involved, acceptable/laudable behavior in one is considered irresponsible abandonment of unmarried women in another. (Consider the attitudes of Western parents toward their daughters who are allowed to room at a domintory in university versus those Muslim parents in Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia etc.)

Why should excellence in Go be a predictor of attitudes in other areas? Go excellence is a developed skill based upon an innate talent...same is true of music (composing, performing), visual arts, acting, mathematics, science, and all other areas of human endeavor.

Dieter: About the WME. I am still not sure whether SL wants to develop towards neutral pages and keep signed contributions on the discussion page. In any case, the info at Lee's page seemed not to raise objection, so I made it belong to the community, rather than keep it signed - as valuable as YY's stories may be.

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