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[ext] provides a collection of [ext] free wiki-based encyclopedias in many different languages. References to articles under [ext] in fact redirect to the English encyclopedia at [ext]

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Wikipedia and Go

Traffic between both Wikipedia and Senseiís Library

If you want to copy material from the Wikipedia to SL or vice versa, please read [ext] their copyright page and our SL Copyright first.

The Wikipedia publishes under the [ext] GNU Free Distribution License, whereas SL publishes under the Open Content License. Although this difference could cause copyright issues, both licenses have the same goal: to enable and encourage copying and reuse. Hence, there should not be major issues when one complies with either of the licenses.

See the /Copy Discussion, giving rise to the above section.


WikiMedia is the organisation that runs Wikipedia.

WikiMedia Commons is the central collection of media used in multiple Wikipedias.

Other Wikimedia projects


[ext] Wiktionary is a dictionary; this is the English site. For other languages, see:

Other Go wikis

For a collection of Wiki websites, see Go Wiki Wiki

Also see the list of mindsport wiki for wiki's on other mind sports

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