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Proto: I don't see any attempts to relate intelligence, on that page, to Go. All I see is a running compilation of user-manufactured opinions of the definitions of "intelligence." If that page is not directly related to Go by further additions to the page and other forms of editing, I would request its removal.

Bill: See Equating Go Skill with Intelligence.

Proto: I am quite aware of that page. I still think that a separate page about intelligence is unnecessary at the least. The compromise that I would agree to would be making the page on intelligence a discussion subpage of the page referred to by Bill.

Dieter: Go has also been used as a paradigm for war. I do not think this urges us to define war and discuss all aspects and examples of war on SL. So, if people are not happy with the definition of intelligence on the WikiPedia, perhaps that is the place where it should be discussed.

Proto: Please remove this page's parent. It disturbs me greatly that the page is unrelated to Go (in a direct, stated, logically processed way). It should be deleted. Hopefully the powers that be agree with me enough to act upon my supplication. Please remove the page "Intelligence."

tderz: Compromise: just r̶e̶move (this does not seem to work in I.E., I wanted to write: re-strikethrough-)-move it to Equating Go Skill with Intelligence-Discussion and all of us are happy.

Proto: That seems to have been my compromise proposal ever since Bill mentioned Equating Go Skill With Intelligence.

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