Under the Stones Example 1

    Keywords: Tactics
Black can live 'Under the stones'  

In this example, Black needs to 'temporarily sacrifice' some stones in order to live.

Stage 1  
Stage 2  

Black cannot take White 6, that would leave Black with a false eye after White plays 7. Black plans to let White capture 1 and 5.

Black lives 'Under the stones'  

Once White has captured, Black can cut with 1 and make a second eye to live Under the Stones because the two white stones are caught.

-- Morten Pahle (10kyu)

Black captures to live  

I figured I'd throw in the resulting moves, for the novice players (like myself). -- FCS

anon: White plays 3 instead of 2, wouldn't she?

Herman: Yes, the purpose of W2 in this diagram is to show white cannot escape, it is not optimal play.

Final alternatives  

If White plays at either a or b, Black should respond with the other. If White plays c, Black should capture at a. If White plays d, Black should reinforce c. a and b now become miai for Black.

Andre Engels: Minor correction: After White a, Black d also works, and makes two points of territory more than Black b.

White plays 'a', Black 'b'  

Wow! You're right. I completely missed that. In fact it took me a couple minutes to understand why it's better. So I guess I'll write it out for all us novices.

To the left you'll see the b response. Black ends up with two spots of territory and one captured piece. A total of 3.

White plays 'a', Black 'd'  

White 3 necessitates 4.

Black has 5 points  

Leaving this configuration. If we stop now, Black has three points of territory and captured pieces (total of 5). a and b are now miai for Black, and either of those plays will still yield 5 points.


-- FCS

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