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W does too many tsumego  

(Actual game continuation.)

Alex Weldon: W3 is a tesuji when the two marked liberties are filled: then W can play at a and B can't cut, due to shortage of liberties. In a case like this, where there are outside liberties, it's not the kind of move you would come up with by reading. I think it's a pretty good assumption that W has seen many tsumego involving that tesuji and played it instinctively, without reading.

Bill: I think it's a hard problem.

E. g.,

Failure 2  

Will an 8-kyu realize that W3 allows Black to live?

(Will he even think of trying W1 - W3 in the first place? ;-))

Death in the hane, 1  

Death in the hane 2  

Death in the hane 2a  

Small life  

Robert Pauli: W7 at B8 . . . and same ko as below.


Bill: I'm not so good at tsumego, myself, but I think this is an advanced problem.

Vital point?  

Calvin: Maybe white can just kill with W1, though I'm not completely sure. Still, I think your point is correct. If something looks like it can be killed, there is a temptation to try even if you can't read it out. Tesuji-like moves can be very bad if they don't work---worse than passing. Another point is that even if this or the other moves work, in this example, white has 11 stones in the area to black's six, and it's white's move so black presumably got five moves somewhere the rest of the board plus sente if white finds a killing move, so black might just say: "Congratuations white, you got it."

Robert Pauli:

  • "Vital point?": Looks good, but maybe I'm doing too much tsume-go. ;-)

jfc: In response to W1, how about B2 ? There are plenty of other options here...

Double ko death  

Bill: Thanks, Calvin and Jonathan! I think that does it. :-)

Dave: WOW! The double ko death turns this into a great problem. I hope there isn't an easier way that would preempt this solution :-)

Alex Weldon: Wow. Fantastic problem, if that's really the best solution. :-)

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