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Double ko death  

W1 is the vital point.

After W9, if B a, then W b. If B b, then White captures four stones (connect and die).

If B6 is at B7, W6 prevents a second eye, as in variation 1.

(W5 could also be at W7. If then B8, W5.)

No ko ?  

Iago not saying the previous variation doesnt work, but isnt this simpler for the same result ? if black goes for a ko, white can atari with W a unless I am missing something (number of ko threats?)

hhw: Black will first play B6 at b. It looks to end in only ko.

Variation 1  

After B4 secures W1, W5 prevents a second eye.

B8 and W9 are miai.

Variation 2  

After B2, W3 prevents a second eye. Even with B4 Black cannot create an eye in the corner.

If B4 is at B5, W4 reverts to variation 1.


Big ko  

Big ko (ii)  

Big ko (iii)  
Small ko  

Bad ko  

Black takes this ko first.

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