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This is actually an endgame problem.

Black plays first  

B1 secures his territory. Later W4 - B5 are an ambiguous exchange. Black gets 9 points of territory.

White plays first  

W8 fills at white+circle.

W1 puts the four black+circle stones in atari. Later W3 - B10 are sente. Black gets 3 points and White gets 8 points, for a net local score of -5. The original position has a count of +2, and a play gains 7 points.


Two stage throw-in ko  

If B2 connects his stones, White can make a two stage throw in ko. Black may choose this option if he is komaster.

Ko avoidance  

If White starts with W1, B2 may reply without ko. Then Black cannot connect after W3.

Ko threat  

Black can still play for ko with B2, but then White can use a as a ko threat, or play there to capture if Black plays at b without making ko.

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