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This page holds some discussion originally on the tripod group page prior to the WikiMasterEdit. --unkx80

What about?  

We have practiced the tripod group at our club. In response to W1, B2 is the intuitive move for many players. We were wondering why this would be "wrong". I think that under these conditions, with all that open space around, this is actually a good move, but the tripod often appears in enclosed space, so that a white attachment at a becomes dangerous. Moreover, if there were an escape route along the left side, White would have blocked at B2 instead of W1. So, B2 at a is the main line.

One variation  
Black dies  
Black escapes but ...  

So, Black escapes, but loses his corner territory and, what's more important, his eye potential there.

-- Dieter

What about?  

-- Jack?


fractic: B2 leaves the atari at W3 and black has nothing better than to make ko with B4.

Bent four  

Herman: Black dies due to bent four in the corner

Nope not a bent four  

fractic: Of course black only dies with a bent four if he forgets to throw in with B6. Black can play a next for oshitsubushi even if white takes an outside liberty like b. And if white connects at B6 then black can capture and still get an oshitsubushi. This is a transposed version of a line that's already shown on the tripod group page.

Herman: Right, good point! Commented too quickly :)

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