Jump attachment

    Keywords: Shape, Go term

Chinese: 靠
Japanese: トビツケ (tobi-tsuke)
Korean: -

Jump attachment  

This is, for example, the attachment in the attach-block shape.

This is one version (the more common type) of attach-extend shape. The other one starts with black+circle at a.

Sabaki techniques

Jump attachment, hane  

Charles This is a quite fundamental sabaki technique. Assuming White is obstructed from extending in the direction of the circled points, and doesn't want to jump out immediately at a, W1 then W3 can be considered.

This offers Black the chance to capture W3. White can give up that stone, or white+circle, in the sequel: but mustn't sacrifice W1, which is pivotal.

Jump attachment, cross-cut  

The choice of W3 is also available: but leads to wilder variations. Once more White must save W1.

even with a bad ladder  

If black cuts, white will threaten black+square with a ladder. It doesn't matter whether this ladder "works" or not, although if it does it is even better for white. Since white is operating in black's sphere of influence and just trying use sabaki and make shape, this diagram is already a success for white, whether black+square can be captured or not.

net fails... black 7 connects  

I wouldn't want to see B1 and B3 in this position. If White 4 at B5, it gets wild again, so I might consider this continuation.

white escapes to the middle in sente  

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