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My name is Henric Fröberg, and I'm a 17 year old boy from Sweden.

I and Go

I heard about go from a friend in the autumn of 2003. He had a goban, and we played some games. I also met some other people playing go.
Sadly, I dropped the game for some time. During this period, I visited sites like goproblems and Gobase casually, solving problems and such. But I didn't play games or so.
Then, in august-september of 2004, something happened with my problem-solving. I understood a few basic things, and could "read" a few easy problems. This encouraged me, and I started playing on KGS in november.
I was quite a weak player, 25 kyu like any beginner. I was usually a little stronger than my opponents, since I had some "basic instincts" from my problem solving.
As time passed, I got stronger. I read very much, and appreciate Senseis very much. It is great! By the time I am playing as 13 kyu on KGS. See ya!

My gaming

I have a certain feeling that I am stronger in the middle game and yose than in the earlier stages. I feel like I'm losing after the first 50 moves, and then I catch up and sometimes go on to win. I'll try to show off some examples later on. These games are in no way specific for my playing style, but I think they'll be interesting anyway. Comments are most welcome! Of course, these games are finished.

Tsumego From Games 57 contained an error. My apologies. The diagram was generated using the SGF to diagram program. Perhaps a cut n paste error. Perhaps a program error.

Okay, thanks =)

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