Three star points, contact invasion

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Q: Jion: Hello, don't know where I should ask this or find this; I tried searching for it but found nothing. Please edit/move this if it makes things easier. Just wondering if it is always possible to live with an invasion at a in this situation? I realize that invading immediately would probably be helping Black, but can anyone give me some ideas for a joseki sequence? Thanks in advance.

Middle-game joseki invasion?  

Note: The three stars (star points, hoshi) formation is the major example of san-ren-sei.

Dieter: (copied the above from QuickQuestions)

For starters  

Notice that this is also a standard method for approaching a hoshi stone with a 4473Enclosure where W7 is a little more cramped by the presence of black+square.

For starters too  
For starters  

Charles: There are good reasons why this is 'rare': no joseki.


Probably the most interesting way for White is this. Of course there is a ladder to consider now. This might be played in a high-handicap game.

RhysD: Would somebody mind adding some detail here? I've had a play around, but can't find a plausible ladder. I find these sort of positions (e.g. instances of double hane) quite difficult.

A little heavy  

If instead W3 and B4, White's group is somewhat heavy. Black can expect to make territory, in the left corner by attacking, and on the right.

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