The keima is less secure than the one-point jump

    Keywords: Shape, Tactics

While wikimasterediting the keima and one-point jump pages, it occurred to me that we always say 'defend with the one-point jump' and 'attack with keima'. The reason for this would be that a keima can be cut more easily than the one-point jump. However, if you bluntly try to cut these shapes, you will notice that cutting the keima depends on a ladder whereas cutting the one-point jump works regardless. A paradox?

See cut keima and cutting the one-point jump.


dnerra: A nice observation! I think the answer is that cutting the keima, if it works, usually works far better -- if you take surrounding stones into account. Whereas one can often cut the one-point jump, without this doing any good to your stones. I think the situations I tried to describe in Cutting The Keima Can Be Severe and don't try to cut the one-point jump are quite typical.

Would you agree that this is a good explanation for the apparent paradox?

Dieter: Yes absolutely. Nice job !

The keima is less secure than the one-point jump last edited by CharlesMatthews on June 9, 2003 - 12:04
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