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RobertJasiek: I wonder if this is the same as what I call "negative ko threat", which is a defense before the opponent can play a ko threat there.

tderz: Robert, beside the issue whether "tertiary" and "negative ko threats" would be synonyms,
is your "negative ko threat" thus played before the (anticipated) ko has even started yet?

I guess that RemoveDoubleThreatsBeforeYouFirstCaptureTheKo are a sub-category of your term "negative ko threat", correct?
When I read Bill's definition, I get the impression that a "tertiary ko threat" is played while the ko has alredy started.
But, honestly, I am not sure and would like to see some examples.

RobertJasiek: A negative ko threat can also be played before the ko has been captured first (or next). I would not normally call a double ko threat a negative ko threat. (And yes, I agree with you that creating diagrams here is tedious.)

tderz Robert, I thought you would call the Removal of a "... double ko threat a negative ko threat" because it is a " ... defense before the opponent can play a ko threat there" as in your definition above.

RobertJasiek: Oh, ah, yes, of course.

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