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Before finding this line, I had written the following:


This is the possibility that white has on the left side. In this diagram, white not only removes all black's territory, but also captures four stones. Black 4 cannot be played at 5 because of the white throw-in at 4.

Still, this is not what I would prefer to play, because the marked group is left as an easy target for a black attack.

A calm move  

Because of that, I would prefer to play the calm move of white 1 here. Now black has no serious moves left against the white group. The sequence in the previous diagram is left as huge (18 points) endgame play.

For a moment I believed that throwing in stones at a and b allowed white to play the sequence above in sente, but further analysis shows that I was mistaken.

-- Andre Engels


7 @ marked. Is this the further analysis you are talking about ? I think White gets out: Black 10 falls a liberty short.



Further analysis  

unkx80: I believe the "further analysis" is thus: Black 2 will capture White 1, and White 3, 5 is not sente. Black saves two stones with 6 and attacks the lower white group, even if White plays at 7 and 9, Black 8 and 10 connects the left group just in time - there is no connect and die.

Andre Engels: Yes, this was what I meant.

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