International Go Instructor is a defunct license system
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Shidoin (EN: Instructor; JP: 指導員 or しどういん) is a Japanese honorific title for a martial arts instructor. The Nihon Kiin provides a similar title in go called the Nihon Kiin Igo Fukyu Shidoin (EN: Nihon Kiin Go Promotional Instructor; JP: 日本棋院囲碁普及指導員). As the Nihon Kiin's title implies, the role is for one who promotes the spread of go through instruction.

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License Requirements

  • Must be an amateur player.
  • Must be older than 18 and maintain Nihon Kiin membership.
  • Must apply for one of three license ranks: S, A, and B.
Required dan diploma and payment
Rank Dan Registration fee
S 6 dan Free
A 1 dan 300 USD
B 9 kyu 200 USD


  • The license is valid for only 2 years.
  • Updating a license requires a 60 USD fee with supporting application documents.
  • For license rank promotion, an activity report must be submitted to the Nihon Kiin.
  • Certificates will only be given in Japanese.
  • All payments are accepted only by bank transfer. Google Pay or credit cards are unavailable.
  • The license is not a national requirement, meaning that there are no laws forcing all go instructors in Japan to obtain this license.
  • For go instructors of school clubs, the Nihon Kiin offers a [ext] school go instructor (gakko igo shidoin) license.


An [ext] authorized referee license is also available for rank-S promotional instructors with recommendation by a Nihon Kiin branch.

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