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JILTA (Japan Igo Lecturer Training Association) is an independent non-profit organization which aims to establish a shidoin alternative in the Go industry. It was founded in January 2018 by Nakano Yuki, who is a former insei at Nihon Kiin & Kansai Ki-in and represented the Aichi prefecture at the All Japan Female Amateur Championship.

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JILTA grants the Go Advisor license with 3 grades. Anyone who received their certification can also get their own business name card, which may be useful for their own work.

Required dan and payment
Grade Education level Required dan for application Application fee Certification fee
1 All level 6-8 dan at Tygem or Fox Weiqi 200 USD 50 USD
2 Kyu level 1 dan 200 USD 50 USD
3 Introductory level No requirements 150 USD 50 USD

For grade 1 Go Advisors, JILTA has an advanced license called the "Go Trainer". Applicants must pay 350 USD for the trainer's guidance, 100 USD for the final examination and 50 USD for the certification. Trainer's will learn not only educational methods but also general business manners to work in Japan. Also note that the examination includes a demonstration about how to teach.

Difference from other organizations


Nihon Kiin & Kansai Kiin also have their own teaching license system, which requires dan diplomas published by themselves. But since JILTA is independent from anywhere else, they neither grant nor demand expensive diplomas.


JILTA does not depend on donations or sponsors. Instead, they are operated by membership fee and registration fees for the licenses above.


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