Shape problem 3

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Black first  
Black hits the shape point  

B1 hits the shape point. Now a and b are miai for connection and the two white stones are in atari. White barely lives.

HolIgor. Note that I've seen this diagram in the Kobayashi Izumi book. At least, her face was on the cover. So, while this kind of move might be obvious, she considered it important enough. I reproduce it from memory and I am to be blamed for the mistakes.

Isn't B1 in that figure also known as an eye-stealing tesuji?

Perhaps a better result?  

Perhaps this is a better result? White does not lose the two stones in a snapback, like in the previous diagram.

A related shape problem.

White first  


Charles Matthews I wonder where this came from. I have just seen this in an old book:

Black to play  

unkx80: With white+circle or without white+circle, the first move is the same all right. ;)

Kosh Maybe it's better to descent in this shape

Black to play  

else (5 and 6 are miai):

Black to play  

Good for Black  

Bill: Black can be satisfied with this result. (Assuming the ladder works.)

Not so good for Black.  

W6 at black+circle.

Black attacks strongly with B7 and B9, but W10 is tesuji.

Not so good for Black (ii).  

W10 at W6.

White's throwin, W6, makes a ko which White takes first.

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