Shape point


The "shape point" in a position is the one that gives the good shape for one or both players. The term is usually used when denying the opponent his own shape point (e.g. grab the shape points in kikashi), as occupying one's own shape point is usually just called "making good shape."

Examples (remember not to take these as isolated - there will always be other stones around, or else these shapes are not good to begin with):


Assorted shape points

From left to right: the fourth point of a bamboo joint, the table point, the eye-stealing tesuji and the fourth point of a square? - aiming at a tower peep at A.

Relationship to other concepts and terms

  • vital point: the term "vital point" is more commonly used than "shape point" but also tends to include the notion of nakade, the vital point for life and death of a local position.
  • focal point: the term "focal point" has been used to determine the point that completes or denies the completion of a moyo

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