Schroedinger's Ko

    Keywords: Humour

This is part of a game chat I observed some time ago on KGS. You can download the [ext] game file, where the chat arose from the [ext] KGS archive. RueLue

Nezumii [1k]: ko?
ToDie [3d]: w lost?
Theresa [1d]: ko
guestsr9d: b almost alive
JasonANew [2d]: or ko ?
Julian [5k?]: No ko. :)
Chuushoku [11k]: almost alive = almost dead ...
JasonANew [2d]: ko now
Cassis0 [2d]: no ko
marsuplami [?]: ko ?
kookhyang: no ko
pagapont [1k]: well there is a ko
wossname [1d]: schrodinger's ko
Theresa [1d]: ko
haumik [?]: die
Cassis0 [2d]: hum yes
ToDie [3d]: ko^^
Neverhood [4k]: schrodinger's? why
FabienO [?]: ko for the game?
Warfreak2 [3d]: where are the threats?
Color [5k]: what is schrodingers ko
( ... )
wossname [1d]: on kgs, ko both exist and not exist until moves are played
( ... )
Wuschelein [1k?]: just make a master in physics
fauxturtle [15k]: i find go very reminicant of quantum duality
Wuschelein [1k?]: then you will understand...
Neverhood [4k]: It's like a [ext] Schrodinger's Cat.
wossname [1d]: its a bad joke, sorry!
This is, where Schroedinger came around, beginning with move 166 (here=1)  

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