Schrodinger's Seki

    Keywords: Humour

Is it dead or alive?

Being an obsessive Go player, I sometimes play Go in my Physics class with a few friends. One day our lecture was on [ext] Entropy and temperature. Because I was playing Go, I didn't really hear most of the lecture, but one line stood out at me. A side conversation went more or less like this:

Professor: "Generally the entropy of the system is proportional to the complexity of the system. The internal system of a gas is very complex. It is impossible to determine the state of it at any given time."

Me: "Woah, entropy stinks of [ext] Heisenberg!"

Her: "Does Heisenberg stink of dead cats?"

Schroedinger's Seki 1

I present to you - [ext] Schrödinger's Seki!

cat 1  

Sebuc:If anyone can make a better looking cat out of Go stones, please go ahead . . .

MarkD:I am sorry to tell you: Your cat is dead!

Zarlan: How so? The below cat looks dead to me, but cat 1 is definitely seki. There is no way that white could possibly kill it.

Robert Pauli: The cat below, Zarlan? Miau! :--)

Robert Pauli: I'm still a child . . .

jpduke? WOW! We've had Schroedinger AND Pauli AND Heisenberg. Anybody for Bohr?

Schroedinger's Seki 2

cat 2  

Actually this is also seki!

A Seki Cat with LEGO bricks

Design by IngoA



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