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Charles I'd like to raise a point about the 'People' keyword. This appears along side 'Home Page' quite often. That seems redundant to me - I'd like it reserved so that 'People' and 'Home Page' are mutually exclusive.

Another point - it seems that a number of home pages flag that they are beginners with the 'Beginner' keyword. Is this considered good practice? I can see it has some point to it. But it's not the usage intended for difficulty of content.

SAS: This is clearly an incorrect use of the 'Beginner' keyword. I also agree that 'People' should not usually be used on homepages, but there are exceptions like Richard Hunter where the page functions both as his homepage and as an article about the author of several go books. (Really we ought to have a separate namespace for homepages, as they do on [ext] Wikipedia.)

copied from below:

Arno: ... Btw, I find it interesting that people use the difficulty headers in combination with HomePages for indicating their own strength. A usage I didn't think of. At least as interesting as this usage however is Charles' and SAS' point of view that this is somehow "incorrect". Who is right? I don't dare to say.

Hu: ... I hope that the difficulty level keywords would be reserved for Go knowledge and that the People keyword would be reserved for people but not for homepages.

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