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The first observation to make is that W1 threatens to connect outside with W3. After W3, Black may not play at a due to shortage of liberties.

Observation (W5 at W1)  

The second observation to make is the throw-in tesuji at W1. If B4 insists on cutting off the connection, then W5 can start a ko in the corner.

Black first

Black first (B9 at black+circle, W10 at black+square, B11 at W8)  

B1 is the key to prevent the aforementioned ko. Although W2 and W4 can capture the Black corner, B5 and B7 is a standard tesuji to destroy the outside eye. As it turns out, the corner becomes a flower six dead shape after B11.

White first

Observation (W9 at W5)  

It is sufficient to connect at W1. If B2 denies the connection, then W3 captures the corner. When B4 prevents White from making the outside eye, W5 to W9 starts a ko. It is almost impossible for Black to win this ko. (If B4 at B5, then White can make an eye at a for unconditional life.)

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