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25th October 2007

Playing again, at KGS as a 6k. I've played 10 games in the last 7 days, which is probably my largest number of games in such a short amount of time. Seems my fear of playing (maybe losing) is almost gone.

15th March 2007

As Imagist suggested me, I will look now at 501 Opening Problems. I'm now at problem 50, or so. Hope this improves my fuseki. Btw, I'm still at tsumego, but I find very hard 'reading until done' level 7-6k problems at GoProblems. I think I'll do some time trials at 10-8k, so I must read a lot. I did time trial 15k, but I doesn't need reading a lot it, and got kicked in an easy 12k problem... Shame on me! Well, I'll read better tomorrow!

5th March 2007

A long time I didn't post anything. Nothing really interesting. Now I'm an almost stable 6k at KGS (JohnKeats). My sensei now give me between 4 and 6 stones (one of them 5, the other 4 once, and 6 last time, I think). Got over the feeling of boredom that tsumego got, now I'm a tsumego junkie (look at my homepage). Maybe I should create a page with this disorder, any other who got it? Opening GoProblems and doing 'just one tsumego'... and then 'just one more...' for about 3 hours straight?

Anyway, I want to improve my reading, and a lot. But nowadays my weakest link is direction of play & fuseki. I recently read Otake's Opening theory made easy, quite interesting. Soon to re-read. Now I'm mixing In the beginning and The direction of play. The latter seems a lot more interesting, but which would help me more? As I said, my fuseki is very weak, my last 6 or so lost games were because I got back (or I thought I was back) in the start of the game and started invading. My wins were by just cutting and killing something big that could have been saved earlier :(

20-24th May 2006

Friday I played my sensei, beat him with 7 stones. I've been playing on LittleGolem, won my first rated tournament yesterday. Much thinking about go, but I have little connected time, so I can't play on KGS, I don't have enough time even for blitz. What should I do to improve in these days when I can't get time to play? Yeah, I know, do tsumego... but it gets boring after a while, at least Go Problems for Beginners. What else?

14th-15th May 2006

Sunday I won by time, so my losing streak has stopped. Yesterday I won against an 18k, giving two stones. Let's see if today I get a solid rank. Now I have 2 wins and 3 loses... the 2 wins with white! Amazing

14th May 2006

I think I'm on a losing streak. Playing with my sensei (5k at KGS) with 6 stones is useless, next game will be with one more, 7 stones to go. I lost to a friend of mine who is 11k? at KGS, playing white lost by 10.5 (counting komi). Today I lost to a 9k with 6 stones by 9.5! I'm not a great player, but I think I may have one that game. Well, this afternoon I'll play another game. That will be almost my record of games/day... I used to play so little!

10th May 2006

I'm back to the go world. Almost two years without playing, I'm again on KGS, Littlegolem and here. Ranked at about 15 kyu, doing Go Problems for Beginners (vol 3).

PS: Yeah! I found my password, I thought I had lost it. Hello again senseis!

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