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12th July 2004 - 18th July 2004

oday, finally, I established my rank, 12k. I don't think is reliable, I think 13k or 14k is more accurate, but... well, I lost that "?" thing, and also the "~" (which have rarely!). Hope I'll be really 12k soon.

10th June 2004 - 12th July 2004

Long time without news! I played a tournament last weekend, ended 15th, 3/5. But I'm not playing very well these days, and seems I'm doing nothing to solve it.... Let's wait and see if I get into it again. Busy summer awaits me... 3 books to read by end of August (something about elliptic curves and number theory...), and an exam 6th September... not related with those books. Uh!

21st May 2004 - 10th June 2004

Studying maths almost all time... Only a few 9x9 games as Galois in KGS (want to improve tactically, and made a new account to play only 9x9) and one today with my sensei, even. Better not commenting... Got completely crushed. Well... when I end my exams I'll start to play "seriously" (hey, it's only a game!), but I think I've said this a lot of times. A goal, 10k by September either start or end... doesn't really matter. Currently about "13k?", feeling at most 15k.

9th May 2004 - 21st May 2004

Only one rated game on KGS, I lost to a 13k, by about 10 points, as white. Not bad... Today I lost to one of my go-friends, 8k KGS, with 4 stones. I lost by ~20 points... not too bad. But I still make a lot of mistakes... A lot of things to improve, and really be 13k!

3rd May 2004 - 9th May 2004

3 games on KGS, 3 wins. Not bad! And one real life win too. I don't feel good at all, but it's okay to win... at least better than lose. KGS says that my rank currently is 13k?, but I don't think I'm that strong... I think of myself as a permament 17k... Well when the question mark disappears I'll change my mind: I hope (Can you think of a 8k that thinks he's a 17k?).

5th April 2004

Yesterday ended the [ext] IV Torneig amb Hàndicap de la FME. 31st out of 44 players, with 2/5. I played as 17k. Here are some pictures from the tournament, the link is from the homepage of liopic, [ext] Some pictures. I am the one playing in the picture over "¿Cómo no sucumbir ante susurros en japonés?" (brown shirt). I lost to him... well 1 dan against a 17k with 9 stones isn't easy.... and I only lost by 14 moku, not too bad I think! I played that first round without sleeping the night before, and so did a friend of mine, the one watching that game. We were very tired at noon! But played better than the day after, I think...

That may be an interesting question... Not sleeping is good or bad for playing go? And what about parties and so on? What do you think Senseis?

26th March 2004

I played a club friend, giving 4 stones... lost by 3 moku, but I'm satisfied with that. A little training to a tournament I'll play next weekend, 3 and 4th April. I'll probably enter as 17k, maybe I could enter as 15k but I will go without sleeping the night before, and I think I'll be worse than 2 stones but...

25th March 2004

My faculty organizes some activities to high-schoolers, like workshops, and such things, we made one to teach go, a lot of people came in! When we finished I played another friend of mine giving 9 stones again, he started a month ago, I won by a huge margin, but he played quite well.

19th March 2004

First game giving 9 stones to someone... I played one friend of mine who started about two months ago. I won by about 15. Not too bad for the first time...

11th March 2004

Well that toournament ended with 5 losses and 1 win (by default... y opponent didn't reply my requests to play). What a horrible tournament!. Well, last friday I defeated one of my senseis, KGS 2kyu with 9 stones, hope I can again soon.

27th January 2004

I lost that first game, by 42 moku. It was almost even (well, I was losing slightly) but I made an horrible mistake and then I crumbled. I can't play the second game because I have no time... what a pity.

18th January 2004

I won my second game in DGS, and tomorrow will play the first game of the spanish KGS tournament, the one without handicap (I already played the handicapped one). Hope to win my first, but two months is a lot of time. Well, I'll do my best.

5th January 2004:

No playing, no goproblems.com, no Lessons in the fundamentals, no good. Haven't done almost nothing in 2 months, only a few games going in DGS. Damn, KGS says now I'm 14k? what a pity... I should practice a lot to be really this level... now I have something to do while not studying (and reading, or being lazy...). Well, happy new year to you all.

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