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A list of collections of go problems that can be found on the Internet, sorted by language. A number of the sites listed below, particularly the Japanese sites, do not specify the character encoding in the HTML sent to the web browser. Therefore, you should modify your browser settings to auto-detect the character encoding. Some require [ext] Java.

Note On Selection: As of 2022, problem collections abound on the net, so only the selected ones should be added.

Note On Copyrights: In many jurisdictions, compilations are copyrightable, because collecting, selecting and arranging problems by their difficulty or themes are creative processes. Copying a whole published collection of problems may infringe rights of the compiler: check your local laws. See also Problem collections and copyright discussion.




Aside from Problems and Exercises on Sensei's Library:

[ext] blacktoplay.com 1000+ tsumego with daily problem
[ext] S. Bailey monthly (118)
[ext] Denis Feldmann's bestiary in French and English.
[ext] Go4go, carpenter's square (31)
[ext] GoBase
goproblems.com (12000+ problems)
Tsumego Hero
[ext] IGS (50)
[ext] Lukedraik (214)
[ext] Tasuki collection (pdf) includes Gokyo Shumyo, Igo Hatsuyoron and Xuan Xuan Qi Jing (description
[ext] U-go classical collections (Qi Jing Zhong Miao, Xuan Xuan Qi Jing, Guan Zi Pu, Xuanlan)
[ext] YeeFan.sg (177)
Mixed sets:
[ext] GoMagic Skill Tree
[ext] Neural Net Go Problems - see also the relates SL page Neural Net Go Problems


[ext] Jeu de Go exercises
[ext] Tsumego au coin Commonly seen tsumego for real games by Motoki Noguchi
[ext] Problèmes coréens 24 Korean problems presented by Denis Feldmann
élémentaires de Maéda [ext] a [ext] b [ext] c [ext] d [ext] e [ext] f (36)
[ext] François Mizessyn's collection (36)



Only a small subset of Japanese is needed for problems.

Mixed set:
[ext] Shougo Tomo no Kai 将碁友の会 Click on green buttons; from the top, Commented game (1/day), Tsumego (3/day), Tesuji (10/day), Next move from Game, Positional Judgment and Level Test.
[ext] Go-yu-an 碁遊庵
Kihuu [ext] http://www.kihuu.net/index.php?type=6 (~2,000; Click on links on the third column) 棋譜ぅ
[ext] Karou (Shigechan's) (191)
Karou, beginners [ext] 30k [ext] 25k [ext] 20k [ext] 15k [ext] 10k [ext] 5k [ext] 3k (78)
Karou, various themes [ext] Ko (6), [ext] Attack (7), [ext] Moyo (15), [ext] Capturing Race (60), [ext] Tesuji (33), [ext] Yose (74)
[ext] Karou, sikatu (85)
[ext] Eba Hiroki, eba 江場弘樹 江場詰碁集 (21)
[ext] Eba Hiroki, raku 楽々詰碁 (224)
[ext] Eba Hiroki, sou 創作詰碁目次 (484)
[ext] Eba Hiroki, tsuku 詰碁の創り方 (13)
[ext] Eba Hiroki, tsuyo 詰碁に強くなる法 (21)
[ext] Eba Hiroki, tukamoto 塚本惠一氏作品集25題 (25)

See Also

Classical Go Problem books page has some more links.

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