White to play and win  

As Arno pointed out, there are some miai on the board. The challenge is to get tedomari.

Some animals are more equal  

W1 is the point. Although W1 and B2 are miai, W1 dominates, for reasons that will become apparent.

Failure 1

W3 and B4 are miai. Now W5 is the key to getting tedomari.

Failure 2

Next Black takes his sente with B6 - W9.

Mutual damage  

W8 gets tedomari, just barely. If White responds on the top side before then, Black can make a play in the bottom left corner and get jigo.

If White had played W1 at W2 in the previous diagram, Black could have responded in the bottom left corner and gotten tedomari.

Final miai  

Now Black and White share the final miai.

White wins by 1.

Arno posted a solution. From his comments, I gather that Dave had one in mind, too. :-)

Dave: see Discussion

The point of this problem is not widely known. In fact, taking the three stones in the top left dominates for Black, as well. The book said that B2 was worth slightly less than W1. It even suggested counting it as 1/2 point less. That goes too far, OC, but in 1980 nobody understood go infinitesimals.

For more about the comparison of miai in this problem, see /Difference Games.

-- Bill Spight

Failure 1

Off to a bad start  

W1 and B2 are miai, but White takes the wrong one.

B6 gets tedomari  

Since the top side is settled, Black can take his sente with B2 - W5 and then get tedomari with B6.

Result: Jigo.


Failure 2

Right start, but ....  

White gets off to the right start, but W5 is the wrong play to get tedomari. Such blocking plays lose at least a tempo unless they are played in response to sente. (See atomic weight.)

B5 gets tedomari  

Black takes his sente with B1 - W4 and then gets tedomari with B5.

Result: Jigo.


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