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Phlegmatic is my KGS username - I'm really Garry Sturley from Macclesfield, UK.

Now here's a question. This cropped up in a recent game (well, it would have done if I'd been reading things correctly, I spotted it on reviewing...). If I'm thinking clearly it's a seki. Any dissenters out there?

Is it a seki?  

Chris Hayashida: It looks like seki to me. But I think Black can get a few points profit at the end of the game by connecting at a. White will have to play another stone to put Black in atari if he approaches. Black can take the two stones. White will throw in another stone, which Black will again take.

It might be easier to read if you added another line at the top of your diagram. :)

Also, I saw your post on the coffee machine. Did you get an answer on how to reply to the 3-4 attachment to a 4-4 stone?

Phlegmatic last edited by Phlegmatic on December 16, 2008 - 13:37
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