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Real Name: Steve Worland

A PhD student at Exeter University, I introduced Eratos to this wonderful game, and damn him he's better than me already :-(

Currently Eratos and I are in the process of a game, and I use the term loosely, over on his page. If you fancy going over and having a quick comment on our moves, please feel free. At the moment we've only only made 30 or so moves, but any comments on our opening moves would be much obliged. Obviously there are no time pressures in this game, but we figured it would be worth playing just for the sake of having our....errr....skills open to public review. :-)

I have to say I'm loving sensei's library and indeed all of the numerous web sites out there on go. However, I feel I'm stuck with the problem of limited time and about 50 years worth of reading to do before I'm even half way through the info in this site alone. Is there anyone out there who would be kind enough to tell me two or three useful aspects of the game to concentrate on so that I don't end up reading lots of things and learning nothing? I'm assuming the shape section here on Sensei's lib is a useful one to try and absorb???

Eratos - Go into the Beginner's Room on KGS, play against someone way stronger than you who'll give you 9 stones, and ask them to tell you your worst mistakes. I've learnt a hell of a lot that way, also I think the Time trials on the right hand side of the page at [ext] GoProblems are dead handy to kill a few idle minutes :)

You might also want to read DieterVerhofstadt/Ideas on improvement

Rich: Play lots of games. Concentrate on connecting your stones. Play lots of games. Try and remember corners, middle, sides. Play lots of games. [ext] Goproblems.com is good, and you should download [ext] Igowin if you haven't already done so, and play lots of games.

Odin: I'm suddenly feeling inclined to play lots of games....thanks for the advice Rich, am hoping to start playing a bit more when my PhD is over. Currently time is not in abundance. Thanks again mate.

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