Nuzi Bailing


(百灵杯赛) Nuzi Bailing is a Female unofficial tournament. This competition started in 2006 and terms of play and prizes changed each year. In the first two editions, only young and senior female players compete; the third edition was a pair competition. From the 4th edition, a female team compete against a male team.

After 2012, the sponsor started the international Bailing Cup.

  • 2006: Green Team (young players: Wang Xiangyun, Li He, Cao Youyin) d. Blue Team (old players: Zhang Xuan, Hua Xueming, Ye Gui) 6-4.
  • 2007: Li He d. Ye Gui 2-1.
  • 2007: Ma Xiaochun - Zhang Xuan d. Chang Hao - Hua Xueming (Prizes: Yuan 80,000 and 40,000).
  • 2008: Female Junior Team (Li He, Wang Chenxing, Wang Xiangyun, Cao Youyin, Zheng Yan) d. Female Senior Team (Rui Naiwei, Hua Xueming, Xu Ying, Zhang Xuan, Ye Gui) 14-6 (Prizes: Yuan 80,000 and 20,000).
  • 2009: Male Team (Gu Li, Chang Hao, Kong Jie, Xie He, Piao Wenyao, Wang Xi) d. Female Team (Wang Chenxing, Li He, Song Ronghui, Wang Xiangyun) 12-6 (six rounds, 3 games per round; komi changed each round).
  • 2010: Male Senior Team (Cao Dayuan 0-1, Liu Xiaoguang 3-1, Ma Xiaochun 1-1, Chen Zude 1-0, Nie Weiping don't played) d. Female Team (Song Ronghui 1-1, Li He 0-1, Zheng Yan 0-1, Wang Chenxing 1-1, Tang Yi 1-1) 5-3 (win and continue).
  • 2011: Male Senior Team (Liang Weitang, Song Xuelin, Shao Zhenzhong, Chen Linxin, Cao Dayuan 3-1, Liu Xiaoguang 6-1, Ruan Yunsheng 1-0; Chen Zude, Nie Weiping and Ma Xiaochun don't played) d. Female Team (Yu Zhiying 4-1, Wang Chenxing, Wang Xiangyun, Song Ronghui 1-1, Tang Yi, Lu Jia, Zheng Yan, Cao Youyin, Fan Weijing, Li He 1-1) 10-6 (win and continue; Prizes: Yuan 150,000 and 50,000. Additional prizes: 3,000 Yuan each win; 5,000 for three wins; 10,000 each additional win).
  • 2012: Female Team (Yu Zhiying 1, Wang Shuang, Song Ronghui 1, Cao Youyin 2, Wang Chenxing, Li He 5-0, Rui Naiwei, Chen Yiming and Tang Yi don't played) d. Male Ama Team (Ma Yida, Xu Jiayang 2, Dong Ming 1, Wang Chen, Bai Baoxiang 2, Hu Tian, Tang Chongzheng, Zheng Yuhang, Hu Yuqing) 9-5 (win and continue; Prizes: Yuan 100,000 and 30,000. Additional prizes: 3,000 Yuan each win; 5,000 for three wins; 10,000 each additional win; Yuan 1,000 for the loser).

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