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I got interested in go in February 2001 when I picked up a used copy of Kawabatas Master of Go and started reading it while I was sick in bed for 3 days. The story was great, and in order to understand the game that was being played, I also started reading Basic Techniques of Go, by Haruyama Isamu and Nagahara Yoshiaki. Needless to say, much of the in-depth explanations of go techniques and tactics in both books went over my head, but the simple rules and austerity of the game intrigued me.

I made a tabletop Goban in the spring of 2001, gluing together 2 pieces of plywood with one finished side back to back. After trial and error, I got a pretty good-looking board. I got some glass stones from Yutopian, and am now considering how and of what material to make some bowls. I also play go on the board!

I play mostly at DragonGo, and infrequently on IGS.

On KGS I am an assistant, and am often there. I no longer play serious games with the marfack account there, but I am around 11k (6/3/04) per KGS.

I live in the United States, near Berkeley, and work in San Francisco.

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