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!!About myself...

I'm an engineering student in Illinois; I am majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Mathematics. If you have a math question don't hesitate to ask me, just not a science question. ;) I've helped a couple of people, so it's no biggie. I am actually one class away from my mathematics minor now! 3 semesters left...

I spend most of my time on KGS hanging out in the Upper Valley Go Club, Lance's Go Dojo, Mos Eisely Cantina, Maneki Neko No Yashiro, and the Vegetable Garden with all my friends.

Member of the Sabaki Go Club and Wings Go Club.

!!About my go...

I'm Tula 1d on Orobaduk or cyberoro.

I started playing go November '04. Being an engineer and working has not left me with not much time to play go. I work full time in the summer at AT&T as an intern in the IT department. I play when I can.

I am not quite certain how I got interested in go. I remember seeing a flyer and emailing some woman, but I never really got into it. I remember I wanted to get the HNG anime from someone in the club, and I ended up playing him a couple times. I went to go club a couple times trying to get the anime from him, but he couldn't ever remember to bring it.

My buddies...

Inazuma - great friend%%% Dmajor- tuba dude
Reptar - my favorite teacher
K-san - my twin
Kamenoitte - good to study with
jwaytogo - super-strong buddy
Joanchan!!! - bestest kgs bud
Syllable? - narcoleptic smoker
Mrkibbles - ancient rival
Flameblade - plays good go
Rutabaga!!! - need I say more
Rini!!! - youngin'
Celila - ex-all-star assistant
Quattro - cool dude
Freddan - currently lost in Canada
Nannyogg - super mom%%% Pux - very interesting character ;D

Funny Quotes:

Dmajor7106 [8k]: if you have ABC, and A forces B
Dmajor7106 [8k]: just play C
Dmajor7106 [8k]: rofl

Launchpad [-]: W moyo got the disease all moyos and men in pools get
Launchpad [-]: shrinkage
Dmajor7106 [8k]: ROFL

shygost [-]: I probably lost some points there for making a racial joke

Memith: I clicked on that chipendales before I realized what it was...... thanks I just got a face full of beefcake
pux [-]: listen to the pux

FlameBlade [-]: it's sad that my empty triangles owned him

fighter [1d?]: I am NOT soluble%%%

RikiTiki: how many are in the top 100?

Just remember:

There is live after death and taxes.
What's mine is mine, what's yours is mine.
Watch out for the bearmonsters.
Get right with the man.
It's what you take with you, it's what you leave behind.

Many thanks to all that have taught me! reptar, j, ksan, pux, mef, lloyd, wutu, kame, flame, shygost, sendol. You do not know how appreciative I am. I have paid it forward to a couple good people, and still continue to teach. ;D

Sign the guestbook!

Rutabaga: I came, I read, I signed! Nice page.
Celila: me too, me too ;)
NannyOgg: me three! Yes, nice page.
MrKibbes?: Behold the mighty raisin that is Launchpad:P take care buddy.
griffin: Me four :)! nice page.
SudenDeath?: meh, i don't like you anymore! jk, ;p nice page
FlameBlade: Yer ain't a ninja. ;)

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