Kuksu 47 Game 4 Midgame Center

  Difficulty: Advanced   Keywords: Game commentary
Moves 54-  

W2 both makes a living space in the center and attacks the black stonest at the bottom.

After B7 black threaten to cut off white stones to the right and W8 both makes a defence and threates with an invasion into shimari.

B9 is a start of the plan to strengthen the enclosure in the right bottom corner.

Moves 71-80  

HolIgor: W2. It seems that Yi Ch'ang-ho wants to play his style safe game. I would try to press the black stones at the bottom.

HolIgor: B3 is again a mysterious move. I think that this prevents the attack against the corner but I don't see how.

HolIgor: If instead of W4 white cuts this stone off black protects the corner easily.

HolIgor: B5 is very interesting. It is fun to see how the corner is protected by solididfying the boundaries and attacking at the same time.

HolIgor: W6 prevents trouble, yet the nozoki is still there.

HolIgor: B7 is concerned with the stability of the bottom stones and W8 is a wonderful reply. Black does not get eyes yet the corner is protected.

HolIgor: I don't understand the necessity of this kikashi.

HolIgor: W10 protects the corner. It works well with W8.

Move 81  

HolIgor: B1 (81) protects against the cut and is the last move in the maneuvering part of the middle game. What follows is a prelude to the melee.

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