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When Black plays B7, setting up the Kobayashi Fuseki, KataGo evaluates this as a small loss (~0,5 pt). It recommends White to simply approach the lower right corner next, high or low.

High approach  

Although the Kobayashi fuseki is intended to lead to a fighting game, starting with a pincer, KataGo thinks Black can best play the common tsuke hiki joseki with the particular B6, then use sente to 3-3 the opposite corner.

Low approach  

The low approach is met with a pincer. KataGo recommends White to leave the front and take the 3-3, since W1 has many options to settle.

Low approach - sabaki  

After the 3-3 invasion, Black takes sente to come back to the lower right. W7 and W9 are light moves to reduce Black's framework without creating a heavy group.

Low approach  

Another option for Black is to play the kosumi of B2 and then 3-3 the opposite corner after W3 stabilizes.

Widest path for the Kobayashi opening

Kobayashi widest path  

The widest path for the Kobayashi fuseki is White's peaceful approach at W8. KataGo slightly prefers the closer approaches, in particular the high one, as mentioned above. B9 takes territory and W10 extends. Next ...

Kobayashi widest path (11-16)  

Black checks at B1. KataGo (slightly) prefers, as expected, to 3-3 the upper left. Likewise, KataGo doesn't want to defend at W2 but 3-3 the upper right. Here the difference is >1 point. In other words, after the previous diagram, the right side is less urgent than the two corners.

The main branch of the widest path for Kobayashi ends with B5 taking territory and W6 defending. It then forks into the approach at a or the defensive play at b.

KataGo however has an aggressive suggestion for B5:


This would level the game (W+~0,3)

Likewise W6 in the previous diagram is considered passive. Black gets sente to 3-3 the upper left and the game is level as well.

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